Rehoboth Beach Rentals Are The Perfect Vacation Home

Every year, Rehoboth Beach rentals are getting snapped up by Washingtonians looking to get away, as well as many people coming in from nearby states like Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Often dubbed “The Nation’s Summer Capital,” this sleepy town of 1,300 or so has become an incredibly popular summer vacation destination, blossoming in the warm months to a population over 25,000 (with even more in the surrounding areas).

rehoboth beach delaware ave

It’s not hard to see why, either, Rehoboth Beach is one of only thirteen locations in the United States given a perfect five out of five for water quality by the Natural Resources Defense Council. It also has a lovely, temperate climate year-round. Summer temperatures hit an average daytime high of a balmy 87 degrees Fahrenheit in July (overnight low of 70 degrees), and in the winter, dips down to only 45 degrees average daytime high in January. Nights do get a bit cold in January, around 30 degrees. The beach also allows for many activities, such as dolphin watching, surfing, pontoon boat excursions, and many miles of waterfront trails for beautiful early-morning or sunset runs, walks, or bike trips.

But it’s not just natural beauty that attracts people to Rehoboth. Its quirky and eclectic selection of shops, restaurants, and attractions got the boardwalk named the Best Boardwalk In America by Reader’s Digest in 2006. Children of all ages will enjoy mini golf, video games, rides, bumper boats, water slides, and more fun activities in the boardwalk’s arcades and amusement parks. And, thanks to Delaware’s zero percent tax rate, all shopping in the area is totally tax-free, meaning you can enjoy many charming boutiques at a great bargain. And, a bit out of town, you can get even deeper discounts at the city’s many outlet stores. The boardwalk also features snacks like ice cream, fudge, fries, saltwater taffy, caramel corn, and much more.

The city has also become a popular destination for gay and lesbian tourists. For over 30 years, queer vacationers from several nearby states have been flocking to Rehoboth Beach. There are over 200 GLBT-owned businesses, including an active nightlife scene, with a number of gay-friendly clubs. There aren’t too many gay-specific bars, but that’s not a problem, because the city has become such an accepting, open community. The queer community has also become known for its active house party scene, including some in Rehoboth beach rentals. Many of these parties are open to the public, and you can look for fliers and invitations around Poodle Beach.

As you might imagine, with so many tourists and people using the place as a vacation destination, the options for placed to stay are nearly unlimited. Of course, there’s a wide selection of hotels, motels, and inns, but for a truly relaxing vacation, the city offers another option as well. When traveling with your partner, your family, or a group of friends, the hotel experience can be a bit impersonal, and a little uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to call your own, where you can do your own cooking, put away clothing in your own cupboards, and relax in your own bath, without having to deal with a lot of other people, as you would have to in a hotel?

For this reason, you might want to look into Rehoboth Beach rentals. This includes everything from small, simple apartments to midsize homes and condominiums to massive mansions with room for over a dozen. Many properties are available for year round rental, meaning you can find a place to stay any time you need it – while others are occupied by homeowners part of the year. With so many tourists around during the summer, many in the town choose to get out of town and rent their places out. It’s a great way for them to make a little money, and get a vacation of their own, and it gives the newcomers to the town a lovely place to stay. There are also longer-term rentals in the city, homes and apartments for rent on a regular basis, if you’re considering a longer stay or even a permanent move.

Most major real estate companies are established in the town, and can assist you whatever type of rental you’re looking for. There are also independent realtors in the area, and many people have simply chosen to rent their own place out on their own. These can be simpler, less intensive contracts, since you’re just working with a person instead of a large company – but just be sure to find someone you believe you can trust and can get along with. Ask them lots of questions about what you do and don’t have access to, what kind of cleaning is expected of you at the end, and what to do should anything go wrong.

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